Let’s figure out what you actually want so you can get the most out of life!

About PSYCH-K®:

“PSYCH-K is a set of principles and processes designed to change subconscious beliefs that limit the expression of your full potential as a spiritual being having a human experience” - Rob Williams, originator of PSYCH-K®

Our reality is created by the beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind, most of which are influenced by the “conditioning” we received in our childhood and from the world around us. These beliefs can be about anything from the way we perceive relationships to ideas about self-worth to how we handle our finances, and they project onto how we live our lives now and what/who we attract. By using the processes established in PSYCH-K® you can quickly and easily re-program your subconscious beliefs in a matter of minutes to create the reality you actually want to be living.

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How do you know if PSYCH-K® is right for you?


If you...

  • Find yourself battling anxieties, grief, or depressive feelings

  • Repeatedly fall victim to the same old fears that hold you back

  • Have experienced traumatic situations and are ready to put them in the past

  • Are sick of wasting your money chasing fad diets and spiritual quick-fixes that promise eternal happiness

  • Sleep poorly, or have low energy, that maybe even prevents you from being an active participant in your own life

  • Have endless manifestation lists but nothing is happening

  • Listen to that constant negative voice inside your head telling you that you can’t do or be something

  • Find yourself choosing the wrong partner over and over again

  • Are tired of wasting your time chasing jobs that don’t 100% light you up

  • Aren’t even sure what lights you up

  • Have a bad habit you can’t quite seem to kick

  • Feel directionless, unsure of yourself, and don’t know what your dream life even looks like

  • Are ready to get outside of your comfort zone


If you answered "yes” to ANY of those then consider:

  • What if you put yourself at the top of the priority list?

  • What if you easily had an innate sense of what you wanted?

  • What if those things, situations, or people no longer triggered you?

  • What if you attracted the right people?

  • What if you knew the Universe actually had your back?

  • What would it be like to feel safe and protected?

  • What if you slept soundly and had all the energy yo need to be active in your daily life?

  • What if you didn’t need to look outside yourself for answers?

  • What if you automatically felt beautiful in your own body?

  • How would it feel to look in the mirror and love who you see?

  • What if you didn’t need to use food or ‘bad’ habits as a source of comfort?

  • How would it feel to wake up every day knowing you are spending your time working towards a life you actually want?

  • What if you gave yourself permission to invest in your best possible future today?


Current Offerings:

  • Single 1:1 session: $155

    A 50-minute session, in-person or remotely via surrogation, where we focus on different aspects of your life that you want to drastically improve. Through the use of PSYCH-K®, we will identify your current belief system about what’s possible for you, re-program that into what you actually want, go through PSYCH-K® processes, and create steps to put your new goal into action!

  • The “be-your-own-life-coach” 4 session package: $560 USD (best value)

    Four 50-minute sessions, in-person or remotely via surrogation, each addressing a different key area of your life that you want to work on. Just like an exercise routine, you see the MOST results with repeated commitment! Prior to our first session, we will decide via email on key areas in your life that you want to improve, then in every session following we will identify your current beliefs around the focused area, set new goals, work through a PSYCH-K® reprogramming process, and create actionable steps. In the end, you will have a greater overall sense of balance, feel more in alignment with what you actually want, and will be well on your way to getting there!

  • NEW - The Maintenance Session: $100

    *For returning clients only* Have your running list of goal statements after our session? Don’t want to spend $155 on another 50-minute commitment? With this offering, you email me TEN things you would like to balance for and I will do them for you, on your behalf, and email you the results afterwards. This is only for returning clients who have already experienced the magic of PSYCH-K® and understand how the process works! Post-balance results can be expected within 24-hours, book via email at

  • NEW - The Core Belief Balance and Review: $250

    Single 50-minute session, via surrogation or in-person, where we balance for 13 paired goal statements that represent basic but essential issues in your life, such as connection to the Universe, self-love, forgiveness, and choice-making. In this session we will discover which core area(s) of your life are subconsciously blocking you from making your #goals a reality! This balance only needs to be completed once. After the balancing, we will have time to review how these blocks have impacted you thus far and formulate action steps for how you can use the energy to manifest in your life!

    Ready to change your life?