Praise & Testimonials


“Natalie is a gifted practitioner who held space for such a beautiful and aligned session. It was deeply healing and transformative. After the session I felt centered, grounded and at peace in my emotional, physical and spiritual body. I would definitely do PSYCH-K® again and recommend this healing to others.”

- Natalie M. Spiritual Mentor & Psychic Medium



“I had no idea what to expect going into the PSYCH-K® session with Natalie. I had some things I felt were holding me back in my life and wanted to see if it could help. I love that the session didn't put the ownership on me to participate and do a lot of talking. Instead, Natalie could tap into my subconscious and help me figure out what I needed. It was a really positive experience that allowed me to stop and connect with where I was really at with a lot of these things. I'd been through therapy, I can talk and have no connection to what I'm saying in that sentence, so the fact that you make a statement, connect with what's going on internally, and it's reinforced and gets you to stop and lock it in is really cool. It's this entire experience of the physical, auditory, emotional, and subconscious that I can't really describe other than to say it's definitely worth trying out for yourself.”

- Eric D. Delray Beach, FL



“Ahh I love my PSYCH-K® sessions with Natalie! I've worked with her a bunch of times now and it's SUCH a cool experience each time! I've had a long history of trauma and a lot of subconscious beliefs that I could feel holding me back from truly living the life I want. I've done therapy, EMDR, biofeedback, and met with countless spiritual healers to unblock and rebalance. PSYCH-K® is such a different experience though! Unlike therapy and things, there's no going back to talk about the trauma and get stuck in the "story" of it all - Natalie is able to tap into the subconscious and rebalance for a statement that you come up with. Even if you don't know what exactly it is you need (but know you need something) Natalie has the tools to help you explore and uncover what your soul is craving! Each balance is a totally different experience that you'll have to check out for yourself. I noticed after each session and balance that amazing things would happen in my life and I'd attract more of what I was balancing for. Natalie also does a great job explaining things if you're curious or skeptical about how it all works. Every session just feels so positive and like I'm really moving forward.”

- Rachel R. Blogger & Business Consultant



“My first experience with PSYCH-K® left me feeling amazed by how quickly and effectively the PSYCH-K® approach works. At the onset of our call I was mid-panic attack, feeling all the unsettling whirlwind of emotions and Natalie’s ONE question to me was, ‘How do you want to feel?’ and I immediately responded with ‘Calm!’. She was able to guide me through a PSYCH-K® process in which we balanced my mind, body, and subconscious mind into a state of calm. In a matter of minutes the tears stopped flowing, the tightness in my chest dissipated, and those debilitating emotions vanished. My PSYCH-K® experience with Natalie taught me more than how to diffuse a panic attack - it made me realize that I have the power to control my emotional responses by synchronizing my conscious mind, body, and subconscious. I look forward to working with Natalie more and learning about how PSYCH-K® can be used in balancing all areas of my life and to further enable my own growth towards my soul’s true purpose.”

- Katie M. Dallas, TX



“I heard about Natalie's services during Natalie Miles's ‘So You Think You Are Intuitive’ podcast interview. The most impactful beliefs I balanced for were beliefs such as: me loving myself, finding myself valuable/worthy, my beliefs for forgiveness for past situations, and my beliefs that allow me permission to be abundant/wealthy. My overall PSYCH-K® experience was ground breaking, life-changing and unlike anything I ever experienced! I truly feel different from the inside, out because that’s where it began. Natalie is kind, patient, wise, calming, funny, and is there with you during the whole process. I highly recommend PSYCH-K® if you want to get to the root of your issues and I highly recommend Mrs. Natalie Hayes as a perfect choice to be your PSYCH-K® facilitator!”

- Tricia D. Gainesville, GA



“My first session with Natalie was after I heard about PSYCH-K® on the Confused Millennial podcast. I was so impressed with our first session that I immediately booked a 4-session package. PSYCH-K® is unlike other modalities in that you don’t have to relive your trauma in order to heal. Each session with Natalie has been unique and we’ve worked on everything from big childhood trauma resulting in profound emotional release to baseline beliefs resulting in subtler shifts. Compared to therapy, life coaching, EMDR, RTT, and other healing modalities, PSYCH-K® has been the easiest to participate in while creating enduring and deep-rooted shifts. I highly recommend booking a session of PSYCH-K® with Natalie as your facilitator!”

- Patricia B. Phoenix, AZ



Before listening to Natalie guesting the “So, you think you’re intuitive?” podcast I had never heard of PSYCH-K®. The timing was perfect. I was confused, insecure and had a complicated relationship with food. I also felt stuck in my job and was depressed about the fact that several cycles of fertility treatment had failed. I booked my first session with Natalie before I had even finished listening (followed by a package of four) and it turned out to be the most valuable gift I’ve ever given myself. Over the past few weeks I’ve gone through an amazing transformation and feel like an EMPOWERED version of myself. A fear of “losing control” has been replaced with the belief that life is easy and beautiful. All “rules” around food – implemented over years – have dissipated, and I follow my intuition when it comes to what I eat. The freedom I feel is incredible. We worked on painful and challenging relationships (without even involving the other person, it was all about me). This in particular, has removed tons of stress from my life.

I am beyond grateful to Natalie for these changes, for her support and excitement on my behalf. She is so wise, engaged, funny, and the fact that she LOVES her job makes the whole experience magic. Even through a screen she exudes genuine compassion. I also want to mention that Natalie is incredibly efficient. We waste no time and get so much work done. Natalie also worked with my very anxious dog. It has been fascinating and moving to see the changes in him. From being very skeptical (sometimes even scared) whenever we had people over, he now greets our friends with kisses.

If you, as I did, feel lost, if you always look for answers in others (friends, psychics, therapists, even random strangers drunk at a party) – please consider contacting Natalie so that she can assist you in trusting your inner guidance. I finally accept that the only person I need to consult before making big decisions is me. With a strong self-esteem and a newfound love for myself, I trust my intuition to lead me in the direction of my soul’s purpose. I’m so full of hope and excitement for what my future brings, and can’t recommend working with Natalie enough.”

- Kristine M. 31, Denver, CO


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