Your "new normal": how to work with life after PSYCH-K®

Your new normal how to work with life after PSYCH-K.jpg

Firstly, this post is for you that have already experienced the magic and easy of tapping into your own power via PSYCH-K®. For those of you who have not yet, bookmark this to reference after you do decide to take the leap and finally invest in yourself (you won’t regret it!)

Alright my loves. So, you’ve had your first session (or two, or three, or four) and the first few days/weeks were straight up magic. You felt lighter, you were actively aware of your shifts manifesting, and your sleep patterns are what dreams are literally made of. Now it’s been a little time since your last experience, you’ve been operating at a higher frequency for some time now, and quite frankly - you’ve adjusted to it. It may seem like your sparkle has dulled. This might be the spot where you start to think, “Did that really work?

In short – yes. Yes, it certainly did, friend.

You see, you really ARE operating from that higher place, still free from the conditioning you brought to your session(s) in the first place. This is what we call your “new normal.” The new normal is precisely why I send out a breakdown of our conversation after each encounter. You get to keep – 4E – the list of goal statements you came up with and balanced for, how we got to those places, what you experienced during the balancing, and your action steps at the end. It was all real, no matter what your conscious mind doubts. And let me tell you, those action steps are EVERGREEN – meaning they never expire. They are perfectly tailored to you and your spiritual practice, and they will continue to serve you if you use them. When you’re starting to feel stagnant, or think the magic of manifestation has worn off, I encourage you to first pull up your list and take those action steps seriously for a few days. Sit with them again. I think self-reflection is one of the most beautiful practices you can give yourself, and you’ll quickly be able to see how much you have grown since before you invested in PSYCH-K®. The changes are permanent.

If you find yourself still muddling through life in a less-than-desirable way after re-action-stepping, however, then I’ll just throw out there that maybe another session is what your soul is calling for! You’ve up-leveled, plateaued, and now are ready to decondition and reprogram even more. I tell everyone I work with to keep a running list of “opportunities and triggers” (read: discomforts) in your phone or journal, wherever is handiest, to record as they come up because I guarantee you, they will. I have my own list in my phone! These triggers and uncomfortable situations are simply your soul sending up a red flag saying, “Hey, I know you got my messages before, you reached out for help and worked through all that other stuff that was holding us back… now you’re ready for more. Here’s the next thing to face.” This is the Universe working for you. Embrace it.

The goal of life is to KEEP GROWING. We are not stagnant! And it’s not bullsh*t when I tell you that you are very seriously equipped to handle everything you encounter. If you feel like you’re not, then that’s just you resisting the challenge to grow, probably as the result of some limiting conditioning you absorbed somewhere along the way. We all go through tough stuff at some point or another, and guess what? Your soul signed up for this. It’s even calling that tough stuff in for you to learn, some would argue. Each of us has the choice to either be a victim to, or the creator of, our lives…

Do you know which one you are choosing?