How to open up your eyes and immediately see the signs

Using tarot cards, oracle decks, and PSYCH-K® to get the messages you need

How to open up your eyes and immediately see the signs using tarot cards oracle decks and PSYCH-K to get the messages you need.jpg

If Ace of Base can get a sign, so can you.

I said in my newsletter this month that the “theme” is all about messages or signs; how we receive them, who they’re coming from, and what they mean. A very rudimentary way to receive these from Spirit – (or whatever this means for you, I personally use this as a blanket statement as I believe everything to be connected, so the Universe/your guides/your higher-self/whatever resonates most) - is to pull cards from a deck, like tarot or oracle.

Tarot card decks for beginners

Tarot cards have archetypes, meaning each of the cards, regardless of deck, have similar examples of a person or thing. The deck is further broken down into two different sections. There is the major arcana (cards 1-22 in a 78-card deck) “that represent the big life lessons, overall karmic influences and the archetypal themes that are influencing your life and your soul’s journey to enlightenment” (via Biddy tarot). Then there is the minor arcana, which are the 56 remaining cards, in suits (wands/cups/hearts/swords/pentacles/etc), that “reflect the trials and tribulations that we experience on a daily basis” (via Biddy tarot). Now, the distinctions between the arcana’s doesn’t make any difference to me when I am pulling for one or two card messages in the mornings. They really only come into play during a full-blown reading with a tarot card reader, but the more you know, the better IMO. 

In order to receive messages from a tarot card deck, I’ve found it useful to get myself in a quiet place and sort of make a ritual around it. For example, meditating before or after, lighting a white candle to call in all those #positivevibes, or burning some sage (just one leaf will do the job). Whenever you feel ready, ask for a message around whatever you want guidance on, out loud or in your head, then shuffle and pull! Don’t overthink it. Whatever card you pull, or falls out of the deck, is meant for you. Hold that intention while asking and you can’t go wrong. Utilizing a tarot spread, aka more than one card for messages, is also easy and super fun for your analytical mind to piece together. My favorite, although there are plenty out there if you google them, is a 3-card spread. The first card can represent the past, the second represents the present, and the third is for the (potential) future. A variation of this that works really well is also mind/body/spirit, just use whichever resonates most with the question you’re asking.

3 card spread on top, two on bottom for clarity

3 card spread on top, two on bottom for clarity

How to use Oracle decks

The differences between a tarot deck and an oracle deck are vast. In fact, the two aren’t really comparable but they provide equally powerful messages. If you’re looking into buying one or the other, go with whatever one piques your interest first. I have several (because I honestly may have a problem) and they all serve me in different ways. Lately I’ve been loving pulling from the “Work Your Light Oracle Cards” by Rebecca Campbell, but there are loooooads out there. I even have a couple of spirit animal decks that provide very interesting messages. Those come in super handy if you find yourself coming into contact with certain animals repeatedly (i.e. dreams or IRL). The same process for pulling tarot cards is applicable here. Get quiet, ask, shuffle, and pull! Some of the most synchronicitous messages I’ve ever gotten, even moving me to tears, have been from oracle decks. As someone who actively rejects structure, I really love that there’s no rhyme or order to the decks. I feel like it keeps my conscious mind from trying to control everything.

Receiving messages, the PSYCH-K® way

Another SUPER FUN way to receive messages is specific to PSYCH-K®, and it’s a protocol I learned in the Advanced workshop called Messages (literally). This process comes in handy for virtually anything you can think of! Spirit directs me to use it in sessions as a way to decipher meanings around situations or conditions that keep showing up, ultimately leading us to something you can balance for to hopefully alleviate it (no guarantees can be made). The protocol operates off the belief that your higher-self brings things to you, such as: physical symptoms, recurring dreams, situations, or even similar people, as a red-flag to get your attention. The problem is that we don’t always know what the message IS or how to fix it, which is why I think pharmaceuticals make so much money. This is where the messages protocol comes into play. It’s a process that helps us “discover” the message and in my experience, the Universe has really fun ways of getting it’s point across. For example, the message can come in the form of a line in a book, tarot cards, photos in the room, other people, or even plants. Yes, plants. Actually, in one of the workshops I attended, the protocol led someone to approach a tree and ask, “What is the message?” and it just plopped in their head. Just like that. Seem unbelievable? I thought so too, until I saw it in action. The synchronicities that come up in sessions using the messages protocol still absolutely blow me away

Sliding into your mental DM’s

The more you ask for messages and create space to receive them, the more you will get them, and the more you will trust them. And trust me, you’ll know when you get to that place. After all, wouldn’t you want an explanation for why your yard fills with crows one later-summer evening? (True story, it happened to me, and crows don’t migrate – I checked.) Pulling tarot cards is really how I got started on my own spiritual journey. My wife bought me my first deck for my 27th birthday, and I have been compulsively buying myself more ever since. As far as interpreting the messages from tarot and/or oracle cards, it’s important to give yourself a chance to figure out what the card means to you, specifically, before running straight to the book for an explanation. You are being guided to that card, or cards, because you are already capable of receiving the message. I mean sure, the book definitely comes in handy for a deeper clarification should you need it, but ultimately you know you better than anyone else. The reason I started pulling cards was because I got so tired of feeling like I had to ask someone else what something meant, or “what I should do” about any given situation, when I already have all the answers I need. It really is an amazing practice to get closer to yourself, your guides, and especially the Universe. However, as always, I will happily facilitate some PSYCH-K® magic with you if you’re just not getting it and need a little help.