The 7 people that dramatically changed my life in 2018: who you and your friends definitely need to be following in the new year to help you align with your soul purpose

The 7 people that dramatically changed my life in 2018_ who you and your friends definitely need to be following in the new year to help you align with your soul purpose.png

Twenty-eighteen. What a f*cking year, amirite?


But you can’t move forward without looking at where you’ve been! Now, I’ve mentioned a few times about just how many people (and modalities) I sought out this past year while consumed with finding my “life purpose” (more on that here), but I figured if these people helped me, they can definitely help someone else! Below is a sweet list – chronologically - of the humans that have been essential to my journey the last 12 months.


Rachel from The Confused Millennial

Rachel is a blogger, podcaster, and all-around powerhouse boss-queen who has become one of my very best friends, occurring almost instantaneously. We met in Shaman School – yes, it exists; no, we’re not shaman – in January when I first really started down this spiritual journey/rabbit hole. Rachel played the role of being my sounding board and business coach for the better part of the year, teaching me alllll about how to be a boss, giving me the tools and confidence to launch this brand! She has been absolutely crucial to my growth, even sticking by me and dishing out tough love when I needed it most (#isurvivedsummereclipseseason2018). Rachel is an amazingly observant, sharp, intuitive, and loving human who I am very lucky to know. She dishes out real-life advice and resources on her platforms for millennials navigating this adulting thing - definitely a must follow for your growth in the new year!


Shaman Durek

This beautiful human is a 3rd generation spirit Shaman (his death story still makes me cry) and women’s rights leader spreading the message that we are all innately loved and powerful beings of light. I had the pleasure of working a few times with him this year, the first being a healing session in February, where he spent an hour(ish) looking into my life and releasing FUN Natalie from a dark spirit that I had called in to trap her (because obviously she was f*cking reckless). **PSA: Earth is a “dark realm” so any negative thought you have is just a dark spirit trapped in your energy field – not you!** I also got to hang out with him and his niece/manager Alex in Delray beach, Florida where he held a workshop hosted by Rachel from The Confused Millennial. He stayed the weekend at her home, so not only did my wife and I receive the empowering tools from the workshop, but we also got to spend time hanging out, picking his brain, casting spells, and forming a real friendship with both of them. All this to say, he is a true light being y’all, one you definitely want to learn from.



I booked a session with Walaa in March this year for a color reading – which I had never heard of - with her before I had to go into work one morning. She is a deeply intuitive and warm soul who sheds light on the many meanings of color through her work! [[Spoiler alert: the colors you’re attracted to have a deeper message]] Walaa takes your birth day and month and provides guidance around the color energy your soul signed up for in this life, plus extra insight around the colors you’re innately drawn to. (Personally, I’m a double indigo, baby, with a red life path, which basically means I’m deep as sh*t, a leader, and the fair police - no surprises there). She’s the only person I know doing what she does, and I love following all of her beautiful messages on social media. She actually helped me clarify my brand colors! If you’re curious about what color is bringing into your life, I cannot recommend her enough.

Jenna Zoe

By now, I’m sure you’ve at least heard whispers about Human Design. It feels like it blew up in 2018 but was channeled 30-some-odd years ago – actually on the DAY Jenna was born – and is a chart system that takes into account multiple energy readings like astrology, gene keys, and the i-ching based off your birth time and location. Basically, the contract your soul made coming into this planet and how you best interact with the world around you. I booked a session with Jenna immediately after hearing her on a few podcasts because I was equal parts FASCINATED and confused after looking up my own chart (which you can do for free at She gave me permission to exist in a way that has always felt SO natural to me, without even realizing it (where my Projectors at?!). She frequently posts loads of information on her Instagram and has so many resources on her website that I totally advise checking out so you can start LIVING your energy type!


Natalie Miles

Natalie is a Psychic-Medium from Vancouver who has had the gift of channeling her whole life, including seeing her spirit guide sitting on her bed when she was 5 years old! She also recently launched a podcast LOADED with useful information for those looking to heighten their intuition - with an episode featuring yours truly. Our session this past October rocked my ever-loving world. I’ve spoken with other psychics, intuitives, and mediums in the past, but Natalie was the first to channel my brother who passed away in 2014 AND provide details about what’s circling in my energy field to be brought to life (taking free will into consideration, of course). She is a genuinely kind-hearted and gifted human being, and if you’re looking to connect to the other side and get some insight on what’s headed your way be sure to check out her podcast and very-well-priced session offerings! You will not regret it.

Danielle Paige

 I love following Danielle Paige on Instagram because of her no-bullsh*t thorough breakdown of the celestial rhythms going on at any given moment. True story - I literally would’ve thought I was having a full-fledged breakdown this summer had it not been for her eclipse play-by-plays. I have had astrology readings before, but during my session with her in late October she dove deeper into the relationship of the energy of the planets in my chart. It was like a whole other-level-astrology reading for which I am deeply grateful! She is a master of her craft, and one of my 2019 resolutions is actually attending her astrology school to learn how to read natal charts. Danielle does one-on-one sessions a day or two a week, but if that doesn’t fit your schedule or budget, you can catch her on IG for all things cosmic!


Karen McKy

Last, but absolutely not least, Karen is a PSYCH-K® instructor based out of Colorado (although she travels internationally) and wonderful human. She welcomed me into her home, let me pet all of her animals, and taught me how to create miracles. With 10 years of experience instructing PSYCH-K®, she is an absolute WEALTH of knowledge and I cannot thank her enough for sharing it! I watched some of the most intimate transformations occur during her workshops with myself and others and am profoundly changed in the best way possible. If you are looking to become a PSYCH-K® facilitator, please do yourself a favor and see what workshops she is currently offering! I feel exceptionally privileged to have been taught by the best of the best (in my opinion) and can’t wait to continue learning all the wisdom she has to share!


I hope you find this list useful, and if you do reach out to any of these lovely light beings listed above tell them I said hello!

Cheers to an inevitably all-around amazing 2019!