From Illuminated to Intuitive: Turning your personal intuition into a full time job and living your purpose

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This past year has all been a crazy journey for me around identifying with and “finding” my life purpose. I had literally become obsessed.

And so… I finally decided to re-vitalize and grow my brand after having a life-changing session with Natalie Miles [FYI: she is a psychic medium and highly gifted at what she does]. The entire session she channeled my brother, who passed away in 2014, and he had A LOT to say. Mostly about me not paying attention to the signs. From him, from my guides, and from the Universe in general. And if you didn’t know, then now you do, but you have a team of Spirit Guides that are always on your side – which apparently does not exclude dead family members.

The Life Purpose of this Gemini

My brother, via Natalie, told me I had to stop caring about what people thought. Simple, right? They say hindsight is 20:20 and looking back, I have spent the majority of my 20’s putting myself in this ‘box’ that made other people comfortable and diminished my authenticity. He pointed out that I never used to care. And he’s not wrong. Truth: I was that weird girl with the shirt that looked like tin foil, velvet bell bottoms, and butterfly clips framing my face (God bless the 90’s) and if you had a problem with it, I couldn’t have cared less! I actually was sent to the principal’s office on more than one occasion for standing my ground.

Secondly, he emphasized that I needed to tell my stories. Cue: life purpose. He said my stories would be my brand and they could ultimately help others heal. I mean, how small-minded is it to think that I’m the only one who grew up white middle class and then suddenly not, creating unhealthy family dynamics and skewed perceptions of a happy life? Right?

Here comes Saturn

 This journey, although truthfully lifelong, began at the beginning of this year when my Saturn return hit. If you’re not familiar with basic astrology, your Saturn (planet) returns to the original place in your birth chart typically from ages 27-31 for EVERYBODY, it doesn’t discriminate. Saturn is your karmic debt (quarter life crisis, anyone?). It’s why you came back to this planet - to do the work. And it’s beautiful and wonderful, and sometimes it knocks your life upside down in the ways that ultimately lead you to your highest good. So, in January I decided that I wanted to go to Shaman School. So, I did.

 Spoiler Alert: I’m not a shaman.

 And I didn’t actually go back to shaman school, there were technically 3 more weekends, but it led me to this world of tangible spirituality that I didn’t know existed before. It was so full of tarot cards, sparkly crystals, deep soul interactions, and connecting with myself. It was pure magic. I grew up in a religious family, in the southern Lutheran and Baptist churches, and it had left a bad taste in my mouth for years about God or the Universe – whatever you want to call it. This type of universal divine-on-earth spirituality really resonated with me on a deep level. I felt like connecting to myself made the most sense. I mean, you can’t deny that even the bible says we were made in “his” – ugh – likeness. But it’s true. We all have divine within us and the same capabilities of connecting with it, it’s just the world that tells you that you don’t.

Definitely not a shaman, now what?

 After Shaman school, I have been in this deep dive spiritual vortex of finding out information in this world and have come across beautiful people like Shaman Durek, I learned Tarot from Lindsay Mack, and found out about my human design from Jenna Zoe, and Natalie Miles the psychic medium obviously just rocked my world and gave me permission to speak my truth, and I just feel like I’m on the right path, finally. Like it all makes sense, finally. Natalie also made it abundantly clear in our session that I needed to come out of the spiritual closet.

She said it was time to embrace my intuitive gifts and I feel like for so long – i.e this year – I had been trying to be a blogger in a box with a certain theme or brand or perfectly curated IG… And God knows I love clothing, so naturally I thought about becoming an ethical fashion blogger for a hot second, but every time I sat down to write about anything I came up on block and block and block.

Because I don’t fit in a box. And I always knew it. So, here’s to this all-inclusive, intuitive, growing brand, which is really just me, still twelve years old at heart in my velvet pants, plastered on the internet. So thank you for sticking around to read my thoughts, I hope you can relate and I am beyond excited to see where allll this goes.