You never forget the unexpected death of a sibling

I found myself down for the count with a viral cold that I’m sure could only be rivaled by the man-flu. Since I’m a salty millennial, I don’t have the patience to be sick for extended periods of time. I also avoid clinical settings and medications at all costs, unless I’m being paid or actively dying. So, naturally, I turned to PSYCH-K®. I had no idea what my inflamed sinuses had in store for me. 

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Save your marriage in an hour or less: cry like you did at the end of the Notebook and feel the relief of finally bringing balance to your love life with PSYCH-K®

All of the relationships that show up in our lives are mirrors. Our partners, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and family members all have the ability to mirror back ourselves to us, and vice versa. We call these people in. Our soul, I believe, has chosen these relationships to occur for our own evolution. That’s why, sometimes, they can be so damn TRIGGERING.

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Celebrities are deleting their Instagram accounts: why a before and after photo is a wide-awake nightmare and the uncomfortable truth about societal conditioning that is literally killing people.

It’s becoming a common occurrence, I feel, to hear about more and more celebrities deleting their social media accounts. Most recently, the Queen and Grammy winner Cardi B who had over 40 million followers. But even Kanye deleted his account, which I think really says something. Nobody loves Kanye more than Kanye. So, why is it that the people we follow don’t want anything to do with it?  

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Natalie Hayes